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  4. If your journal is "Friends Only" then you will need to friend angelstrange or kfxstudios  until approved/denied and then you may remove them from your friends list if desired.
  5. Nothing involving children, corpses, animals or scat.Take it elsewhere,period.
  6. Please post friends only, this is to keep any pics/stories uploaded here away from young eyes. One warning, then you're banned.
  7. Pics may be included, behind the cut, as long as they go with a story.
  8. Be respectful. We are open to kink, bdsm, roleplay, queer/tv/tg/ts/bi/gay/lesbian,sexworkers and poly here, so if you seriously can't handle those things leave now. No ageist, sexist shit either. got it? Please, no negative bullshit, flamewars, fatbashing, racism or homophobia.
  9. This is a closed community, and we reserve the right to allow admittance or ban members accordding to our own criteria. This is to ensure that all members feel safe and secure in sharing their stories. If you have a question about the rules then comment in anopen entry and one of the moderators will try to answer.

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